Win iphone 5s

Follow the instructions below how to get new iPhone 5s & 5c, if you like iPhone 5 so don’t worry i have made a list of all iPhone version which you can get. How to get iPhone 5s, as you know so many people created fake iPhone giveaway’s so it’s not easy to belive any one. But this is genuine way to get iPhone 5s let see the procedure below. I have made a list below country wise & update daily. How to win iPhone 5 Visit the site enter the information and submit it’s too easy task, Don’t enter fake details otherwise you will not eligible to participate in iPhone 5 contest.


This list for iphone 5s For UNITED STATES

1. USA iPhone 5s click here

2. USA iPhone 5s click here


These both contest are different choose is your in which you take participate.


For Netherlands

1. Netherlands WIN een iPhone 5s click here

2. Netherlands WIN een iPhone 5s click here

3. Netherlands WIN een iPhone 5s click here

4. Netherlands Win de nieuwe iPhone 5s click here


All above 4 contest only for Netherlands users. Win iPhone 5s for South Africa


1. South Africa click here Welcome all Norway user’s 2 offer’s available for you.


1. Norway VINNE en ny iPhone 5S! click here

2. Norway VINN en iPhone 5S! click here


Now other user’s  


1 Luxembourg Votre chance de gagner un iPhone 5S! click here

2. Kenya WIN the NEW iPhone 5s! click here

3. Slovenia Zadenite Novi iPhone 5S! click here

4. Germany Gewinne die neue iPhone 5s! Das neue iPhone 5 ist da! click here

5. Thailand iPhone 5S! click here


How to Get iphone 5c same procedure as above if you life iphone 5c which recently launched so i have made a list below.


1. United States GET the NEW iPhone 5C with your participation! click here

2. United States GET the NEW iPhone 5C & an iTunes Gift Card! click here

3. Netherlands Win de nieuwe iPhone 5C! click here

4. Norway VINNE en ny iPhone 5C! click here